May 2014   - Injectronics transforms its Clinton, MA manufacturing facility and adds 30 new positions to accommodate its growing business in Diagnostics.  

Clinton, MA – Injectronics Corporation, one of the industry’s leading contract manufacturer’s in Diagnostics, Medical Devices, Hand-Held Surgical Instruments, and Fluid Management products, has initiated construction at its Clinton, MA facility to dramatically expand its manufacturing operations.  The project, which is budgeted to cost in excess of $2,000,000, will nearly double the size of the ISO Class 8 Clean Room, from 4,000 sq. ft. to 8,000 sq. ft., convert 3,500 sq. ft. of warehouse space into a new White Room molding space, and add 2,500 sq. ft. for two addition rooms; contact manufacturing space and state-of-the-art Quality, Metrology, and Testing lab. 

Over the past few years, the company has been aggressively honing in on key market segments in the diagnostic and medical device arenas.  This focus has led to certain investments in resources, both human and capital, to refine the core competencies necessary to establish competitive advantage and to demonstrate tangible value.  This facility transformation represents the culmination of those efforts and the establishment of partnerships that, in combination, will further the specialization of core competencies and growth of our collective businesses.  

The ISO Class 8 Clean Room expansion will accommodate multi-cell automation for the manufacturing of a diagnostic disposable cartridges that requires injection molding of micro-fluidic components and the functionalization of the card’s chemistry.   A second project, for another Diagnostic customer, will similarly require the molding of a micro-fluidic diagnostic card with automation of value added features.  “As our Medical manufacturing business grows, we continue to invest in our facilities and human resources”, said Michael Simmons, Vice President of Engineering & Operations at Injectronics.  We have exceptionally talented people, and we want to make sure that they have the best facilities and equipment to do their work.  We estimate that we will hire over 30 people in the next several months to support some of our new business launches.  Ultimately, our growth would not be possible without the partnership that we have with our customers and we honor those partnerships by being a disciplined extension of their operations. 

Injectronics, an engineering and contract manufacturing company, and has a long history of servicing Diagnostic and Medical Device companies.  Through engineering and customer focus, Injectronics is able to shorten time to market while ensuring competitively priced products of the highest quality standards. 

April 2013 - Injectronics Adding Presses for Medical Molding

Injectronics Corp. is purchasing three Arburg 88-ton injection molding machines for its Clinton Class 8 clean room for its growing diagnostic disposables business.  

The company said the new presses will be installed in May. It also plans to integrate one of the presses into a fully automatic manufacturing and assembly cell.

"Our engineering leadership, detailed tool development standards, and proprietary MoldPac validation protocol represents key drivers to our growth. We are fortunate to have customer partners that value our passion for perfection and entrust us to manufacture their diagnostic disposable products," said Paul Nazzaro, president and CEO, in a news release.

The company also plans to add two additional machines — with 200 and 300 tons of clamping force, respectively — in the next six months.

All this expansion is part of a continuing cycle for Injectronics, which upgraded both of its plants in the last two years. In addition to its Clinton headquarters, the company has a facility in Westborough, Mass.

Injectronics also recently redesigned its website to provide a more in-depth and visual representation of its capabilities.

October 2012 - Injectronics Adding Equipment

Injectronics Corp. is adding an 88-ton Sumitomo injection molding machine in its Clinton Class 8 clean room to prepare for growth in its diagnostic disposables business.  

The Clinton-based company said the new press will be installed in November.  It also plans to add a 200-ton machine in the first quarter of 2013. 

"Our equipment investment strategy call for purchasing machines that are specified to match our customer's product needs.  The new presses will be dedicated to critical new diagnostic components.  We are fortunate to have the ability to work with customers that are leaders in this field, "Paul Nazzaro, president and CEO, said in a statement.  

Injectronics, which has facilities in Clinton and Westborough, Mass., completed a $1.5 million expansion in June that updated both facilities.  


June 2012 - Injectronics Transforms Two of its Facilities

Displaying spotless, shiny floors that a hospital would envy, Injectronics, Corp. recently unveiled the $1.5 million transformation of its two facilities.  It increased one facility's space by 50 percent and boosted its overall clean room space by 40 percent.  

"Both facilities have been expanded and renovated.  We added both clean room and white room space," said President and CEO Paul Nazzaro, during a June 14 tour of the Clinton plant.  

When we sold the automotive business [in 2006], our medical business was about $10 million and we've more than doubled that in the last six years," he said.  

Nazzaro and his management team pointed to the drive for perfection and zero defects, as well as a culture of effective cost management, as key ingredients that medical companies strive for.  Injectronics has been growing organically with its customers and recently added at least one more customer as it plans ahead.  It makes components for defibrillators, patient-monitoring, hand-held surgical instruments, medical devices and diagnostic disposables.  

Injectronics' Clinton headquarters is 80,000 square feet, with 4,500-square-feet of ISO Class 8 clean room space.  It contains injection molding machines as well as a thermoforming machine, making it possible to produce components and packaging in the same Class 8 area.  It also converted 10,000 square feet to accommodate white room work.  

The Westborough, Mass., plant is about 15 miles away and was expanded by 50 percent to 30,000 square feet by acquiring additional space within the building.  It now has a 5,000-square-foot clean room and is designed for high-volume, automated work such as diagnostic disposables.  Work cells can be set up for fully automated lights-out operations.  

Company officials stressed that Injectronics' success has been earned by entering the product-development process early and then helping the client to manage the project through the various stages; occasionally leading to investments in equipment.  "We buy equipment for the application." noted Michael Simmons, vice president of operations and engineering.  

Simmons said the combination of low-, medium- and high-volume setups allow the firm's client to work with one supplier.  Thus, Injectronics can adjust as the need arises.  

One company that Nazzaro could not reveal has worked with Injectronics for eight years and has cut costs by 22 percent in that time period, he said.  

Jeremiah O'Connor, director of sales and marketing, admitted that performance helps keep the company's customers happy, but he said that adding new customers is more about providing problem-solving.  

That's where experience counts.  Nazzaro, who has been with the company 22 years, said turnover is low and Injectronics has worked on incentive and communication efforts to keep everyone focused on service. 

There are bonus programs and outings such as summer barbecues to keep employees interested and informed.  New flat-screen televisions in various areas of the Clinton building give information about projects and company news.  A similar setup will be added soon at Westborough.   

November 2011 - Injectronics Appoints Jeremiah O’Connor, Jr. as Director of Sales and Marketing

Injectronics Corporation, an ISO 13485 registered company, moves to expand and promote its product design and development capabilities and is pleased to announce the appointment of Jeremiah O’Connor, Jr. as Director of Sales & Marketing. O’Connor comes to Injectronics with more than 20 years of sales and marketing experience across a wide range of business segments including branding consumer products, supply chain, packaging and manufacturing. A patented inventor; O’Connor has managed product development initiatives during the entirety of his career. He is intimately familiar with intellectual property and understands methodologies to improve speed to market. During the course of his career he has achieved consistent year-over-year sales growth and improved profitability. His success is a result of his ability to assess customer needs, problems and bottlenecks, then devise, develop and deliver a solution. “We look forward to Jerry bringing his energy, ingenuity and skills to Injectronics and enabling us to grow with strategic medical partnerships,” said Paul Nazzaro, President and CEO of Injectronics Corporation.  

Injectronics Corporation, a registered ISO 13485:2003 and ISO 9001:2008 Massachusetts-based Medical Device manufacturer with subject matter expertise in: injection molding, contract manufacturing, thermoformed packaging, sterile packaging and 3PL logistics. Injectronics’ facilities in Massachusetts offer redundancy and risk management opportunities while providing automated production cells utilizing vision and packaging solutions supporting high volume injection molding in multiple ISO Class 8 Clean Rooms.

June 2011 - Injectronics Announces Installation of Tray and Pouch Sealing Technology

Injectronics Corporation, an ISO 13485 registered company is pleased to announce its latest investment in Medical Device area. We have installed new Shuttle Tray Sealing and Pouch Sealing equipment in one of our ISO Class 8 Clean rooms located in our Clinton Massachusetts facility.  

Injectronics’ investment in this equipment represents an expansion of the company’s existing packaging capabilities for both its medical injection molding and thermoforming services. This technology further bolsters Injectronics’ assembly and contract manufacturing capabilities. They will now be combining their molding, thermoforming and contract manufacturing expertise by shipping sealed kits to the customer.  

The Dual Shuttle Tray sealer features the latest technology for use in process control verification. The unit is 100% validated and calibrated to provide consistent, repeatable seal quality required for medical tray sealing applications.  

The Pouch Sealer is engineered for medical pouches and precision sealing applications. The machine design allows for both front-to-back and lateral pass-thru capabilities for sealing the pouch at any depth (perfect for header bags that require a secondary seal below the header after sterilization).  

Paul Nazzaro, Injectronics’ CEO, noted, “This investment in equipment represents Injectronics’ commitment to provide a complete manufacturing solution to our Medical customers. We expect to be making several further capital investments including additional molding equipment and Class 8 clean room expansions in the coming months to support new business growth.” These efforts illustrate Injectronics’ ongoing dedication to provide complete manufacturing services for our medical device, pharmaceutical and contract manufacturing customers.

To learn more about Injectronics Corporation, contact us by phone at 978-365-1200.