Injectronics was founded in 1942 by Fred J. Kirk, a well-regarded pioneer in the custom molding business, under the name F.J. Kirk Molding Company.

Headquartered in Clinton, Massachusetts, F.J. Kirk Molding Company evolved to focus on processing plastic components for consumer product and military applications. Carlos Barañano, a chemical engineer with a master’s degree in mathematics, took control of the Company in 1984, and redirected the Company’s energy to a two tier strategic focus that included the medical and automotive markets. Carlos’ passion for tool design and process development became the cornerstone of the culture at Injectronics. His legacy, ideals and enthusiasm continue to drive Injectronics forward today.

In 2003 Injectronics expanded its commitment to the medical market by becoming one of the first companies in the country to receive ISO 13485 certification.  Simultaneously, it also opened a standalone medical molding facility, complete with a Class 8 Clean Room in Westborough MA. By 2011 the Westborough facility had tripled in size, and currently produces more than 200 million components annually. 

In 2006, Paul Nazzaro led the strategic sale of the automotive business, and acquired 100% ownership of the medical business. Mr. Nazzaro has served as President of Injectronics since 1997, and has been actively involved in all areas of the Company since 1990. He represents the fourth generation of private non-family ownership.

In 2007, Injectronics added additional Class 8 Clean Room space in its Clinton MA facility, and developed thermoforming expertise, giving it the ability to offer its customers clean room packaging capabilities.

Today, Injectronics is focused primarily on the medical market, providing innovative manufacturing designs and engineering solutions related to tight tolerance plastic injection molding and thermoforming, as well as contract manufacturing services. The Company’s product lines encompass a wide variety of plastic products and uses, ranging from low-to-medium volume devices and instruments to high-volume disposables.